BLURBS are nice things that people say about your book. Here are some blurbs for Carry-on

“From its first grimly hilarious scene in the economy cabin of a plane headed west, Carry-On takes us on an unforgettable journey through the shifting terrain of a marriage gone wrong. As Caleb struggles to understand what has become of him and his wife, we move through bars and cheap motels, through the stark beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and through intricate layers of memory to approach slowly, inexorably, the darkest regions of anger and love. A powerful novel that tightens like a net around an unsuspecting reader; you will not put it down.”

Nalini Jones, author of What You Call Winter

“To read Carry-on is to enter into the mind of a character as obsessive and compelling as any of Roth’s and as funny and incisive as any of Franzen’s. Chris Belden’s tautly crafted book is chock-full of dark delight.”

Rachel Basch, author of The Passion of Reverend Nash

“Crisp, smart, funny, Belden’s prose seals the deal, delivering on Flannery O’Connor’s dictum that great fiction must ‘convince with the senses.’ Carry-On is a seriously good read.”

Pete Duval, author of Rear View


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